Changes to transportation bill could mean an end to back to school tax free holiday

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, Wednesday, March 18, 2015

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)-- Georgia needs $1 billion more every year to maintain it's roads, but people living in Augusta said they already pay a tax for that.

"That's backwards," Olivia Harrison said. "Why would I give more money when I'm already giving money to Georgia? I don't understand."

And Georgia lawmakers agree, so they're finding other ways to get that money, but that could mean an end to the annual back to school tax-free holiday.

"It would be horrible if it stopped a lot of people look forward to that weekend," Harrison said.

Olivia Harrison's daughter is almost two, and she doesn't want to give up a tax free shopping when it's time to prep her daughter for school.

"Especially in the future, in a couple years, so that's the weekend I would go shopping for her," she said. "Save a little bit of money, who wouldn't want to save money?"

Other shopping moms agree that saving money on school supplies is a must.

"Everything has gotten so expensive, just with the recession alone so that saves us a lot of money because we are already having to shell out money on a weekly basis for projects and the new core curriculum," Erica Felger said.

And for Harrison, she saw how saving on back to school supplies helped her own mom as she was growing up.

"Well in the past when I was in school it helped out my mom a lot so I can imagine for other families that are going through something like my mom, she was living check to check or what not so I think that's a horrible idea," Harrison said.

The Senate plan also includes a $25 highway user fee when you renew your license tags and a $5 rental car fee. If the bill is approved by the Senate, the House could accept the changes or both chambers could look at compromises. The session ends April 2nd.