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Voices & Vibes: Biracial Spider-Man could start a trend with super heroes

AUGUSTA -- Comic book fans were in for a big surprise Wednesday when Marvel Comics revealed the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man in its latest issue.

Miles Morales, a half black and half Hispanic teen, will be taking over the Web Head's role after the death of Peter Parker. The new version of the Web Slinger is the first biracial super hero.

Comic fans at the Comic-N-Games store in Augusta were pleased with the hero's new look.

"I think it's a really interesting step toward bringing in diversity in comic books. We don't have many diverse super heroes," said Michale Lepp.

Many comic book readers acknowledge the disparity of ethnically diverse characters in the comic realm, but believe that this is something more authors and publishers will implement into their works.

"For the longest time, there weren't any ethnic super heroes or side characters. Not only does it add a fresh face to Spider-Man, but it adds some diversity to super heroes in general," Daniel Espinoza-Hernandez said.

However, the comic book industry has a collage of diverse super heroes such as the first Captain America, originally an African-American character and DC Comics' newest rendition of the Dark Knight, Batwing.

"I hope it leads to more characters of ethnicity, rather than the very stereotypical 1940s super heroes that were predominantly white," Kevin McCarthy said.

Spider-Man is one of the many heroes on the forefront for ethnic diversity, and comic fans look forward to a more colorful adventure.