Crews still fighting small fires at recycling plant

Warehouse on fire on Walker Street in Augusta
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May 26, 2010

AUGUSTA---Firefighters are still working to put out small fires at an Augusta recycling plant.

The fire filled downtown with smoke Wednesday at the Smurfit Stone plant. Fire crews tell us the cause of the fire was an electrical problem in a piece of equipment.

Heaps of paper and materials are still smoking at the site Thursday morning. As firefighters soak the area with a steady stream of water, workers continue to bulldoze what remains of the plant's collapsed roof.

The fire started around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon while the workers were at lunch. The Smurfit Stone recycling plant handles paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans. Firefighters are securing the burning bales and tearing them apart. We're told the large palettes burned from the outside in.

No word yet on an estimate of the damage from the company.

Fire at Smurfit-Stone
Fire at Smurfit-Stone
A recycling center fire filled downtown Augusta with smoke. (May 26, 2010 / WRDW-TV)