Caught on camera: Wanted hotel robbery suspect accidentally shoots himself

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Saturday, Jan. 10th, 2015

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW)- Four people sitting behind bars tonight after a rash of robberies across two counties. It was their last stop in Aiken where Bradley Parrish, David Dempsey, Breanna Dudley, and Autumn Cooper. It was one shot that ended it all.

"All of a sudden he goes give me all your money, so I started pulling out bills and everything," said Pat Coats, who was robbed at gun point.

Fear ran through Pat's mind when she saw a gun.

"I didn't want to get shot he was waving his gun around. He could have shot me anywhere," said Coats.

Around 10:30 Friday night, 27 year old David Dempsey walked in the hotel lobby. He walked away with nearly 300 hundred dollars, but it wasn't such a clean get away.

"On the way out I hear a pop, and the gun had gone off, and that tells me that's real. He screams then starts limping, but there was a car outside and he got away pretty quickly. Karma got him by that gun going off," said Coats.

Dempsey wasn't the only one involved, 19 year old Autumn Cooper, 21 year old Breanna Dudley, and 25 year old Bradley Parrish also accomplices. It was Dempsey's failed attempt that ended up shooting them all in the foot, at least metaphorically.

Deputies were responding to the robbery when they when the four flagged them down because Dempsey needed medical attention. Deputies put two and two together, and now the 4 of them sit behind bars.

"I'm glad they got caught because I think too often people get away with that sort of thing and it enables them to go out and do it again," said Coats.

This was their fourth robbery yesterday. Columbia County deputies say the boys also robbed the Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn, and attempted to rob the Checkers in North Augusta before they made their way to Aiken. Columbia County deputies have warrants out for the Dempsey and Parrish, but not the two girls.

"Fortunately they didn't get away with it and we'll just have to see how much time they spend in jail," said Coats.

The four of them are in the Aiken County jail, and if bonded out they could be extradited back to Columbia County and face charges there.

Saturday, Jan. 10th, 2015

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW)- Two of the four suspects in the Quality Inn robbery are wanted in Columbia County.

Columbia County deputies say they have warrants out for the arrest of David Dempsey and Bradley Parrish for armed robbery.

Columbia County deputies say they robbed the Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn yesterday. Officials say they also were involved in the attempted robbery at Checkers in North Augusta before making their way to the Quality Inn in Aiken.

Deputies say if the two men are bonded out in Aiken County, they can be extradited back to Columbia County.

Saturday, Jan. 10th, 2015

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW)- The Aiken County Sheriff's Office has arrested four people they say are connected to an armed robbery at the Quality Inn on E. Frontage Rd. around 10:35 last night.

Deputies say while on the way to the hotel in response to the 911 call, a deputy was flagged down by four people on Edgefield Hwy near I-20. One person was injured with a gunshot wound in the leg and needed medical attention.

While questioning witnesses at the robbery scene, investigators determined the four people who flagged down the deputy were the suspects in the robbery.

Deputies say David P. Dempsey, 27, of Williston SC, entered the hotel lobby with a handgun, and demanded money from the clerk. But before running from the hotel, investigators say Dempsey dropped something and fired the gun, shooting himself in the leg.

According to deputies, that's when Dempsey got into a Ford Focus with the 3 other suspects and drove away.

Dempsey was taken to the hospital for treatment, but was later booked in the Aiken County Detention Center. He is charged with armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and possession of a controlled substance.

The Sheriff's Office says Dempsey's accomplices include Autum
Cooper,19, of Augusta, GA, Breanna Dudley,21, of Evans, GA, and Bradley Parrish, 25, of Martinez, GA. They were also arrested and charged with armed robbery.

David Dempsey (Courtesy: The Aiken County Sheriff's Office)
Autum Cooper (Courtesy: The Aiken County Sheriff's Office)
Breanna Dudley (Courtesy: The Aiken County Sheriff's Office)
Bradley Parrish (Courtesy: The Aiken County Sheriff's Office)