Palin in town as Chambliss, Martin make final pushes for votes

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News 12 at six o'clock, December 1, 2008

Augusta, GA---The Georgia Senate run-off election is one day away. Have you decided who you're voting for? Both sides were in town Monday vying for your attention.

Sarah Palin is back out on the campaign trail. She made her first visit to the Garden City.

Sarah Palin officially threw her support to GOP Senate candidate Saxby Chambliss.

"Today was day of my life," said Tasha and Ashley.

They are both 20 years old, and they are both voting for the first time.

"Shirts, buttons, stickers we got it all," said the girls.

The young and the young at heart were all energized as they flocked to the James Brown Arena.

"I can't believe this line," said Susan Conger. "This line is going all the way to Hephzibah."

Susan Conger and the girls are three of more than 3,000 people who were front and center as Sarah Palin got back to the stump.

"This is for my kids, and their future" said Governor Palin. "We need Saxby because we need checks and balances in Washington, and we will not have that if Saxby is not re-elected to Georgia."

Democratic rival Jim Martin held a local rally of his own. Neither candidate is taking anything for granted.

"Now you're not looking at landslide Jim," said Martin. "It's going to be really close, and I'm going to need the help of everybody."

"We're cautiously optimistic these people are going to turn Columbia, and Richmond and all these surrounding counties out," said Chambliss.

No matter who you vote for Susan and the girls say...just do it.

"It's your duty," said Susan. "If you don't do it, America's going to go down the tube."

Jim Martin was scheduled to campaign with rap artist Ludacris in Atlanta.