Palin's coming to Augusta, but does she still have star power?

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, November 26, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Even after her ticket lost the general election, Sarah Palin is still at it, campaigning now for Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss--and she's coming to Augusta's James Brown Arena Monday morning.

The announcement has everyone talking, and today News 12 went out to see if Palin still has star power.

It's a question with mixed reactions. Some people say she should just stay home. Others say, bring on Sarah Palin the rock star.

Melanie Morgan is the chairman for the PAC Move America Forward. "Yes she does! She has star power!" Morgan said. And the GOP is banking on that, hoping her stump for Saxby Chambliss will help him beat Jim Martin for a U.S. Senate seat.

Morgan's group is crisscrossing the state to support Chambliss. "I have been talking to Georgians in four different locations today and everyone wants a ticket to go see Sarah Palin. She is a rock star in politics, she is going to help this ticket here in Georgia."

Jan Johnson is traveling with Morgan and we asked her about Palin's upcoming visit. "It just shows that she didn't say 'oh well, I didn't win' and went home - she's still worried about the whole country," Johnson said. And so is Johnson. She lost her son in Iraq in 2004. Her husband and her other son later joined. Now, she wears two stars on her lapel in their honor and as a reminder of why Chambliss is her choice. "He has a proven record of taking care of our military."

But if records are any indicator, other Augustans, like William Hargrove, say Palin is better off staying home. "She's not going to help Saxby Chambliss. She didn't help McCain, she's not going to help Saxby Chambliss. She has no rock star power with me."

But Martin's failed to bring any rock star to Augusta. He's had big names like Bill Clinton and Al Gore stumping for him in Georgia, but not in the Garden City.

Jackson Drew, a father of five and Martin supporter, is not impressed with Palin.

Drew: "Waste of time."
News 12: "You don't think she has that Palin power still?"
Drew: "No. Too much dirt going back and forth. Actually, she's better off just quitting while she is ahead. Period. Please, stop."

Like her or not, people are talking about her...but whether that's enough to send Chambliss back to the hill, only time will tell.

Sarah Palin is scheduled to speak at the James Brown Arena at 8:30 Monday morning (Dec. 1). Doors will open at 7:30 am. It's free, but you need to RSVP. You can do so at, at the Action Center on, or by calling 678-589-4888.