Students at Silver Bluff High mourning after another deadly hit and run

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News 12 @ 6' O Clock / Friday, Jan. 15, 2015

BEECH ISLAND, S.C. (WRDW) -- It's a devastating loss for Silver Bluff High School. Two students killed within two weeks. 15-year-old Errik Giles died last night after a hit-and-run on Hammond Rd.

Erik's sudden death would have been tough to swallow no matter what, but classmates say with it happening just 11 days after another student was killed in another deadly hit and run, It's all too much.

Only two minutes from home, 10 on foot. That's how far Errik Giles was from his home on Riverbend Dr. when he was hit by a car.

Not even two weeks ago David Crutchfield was about the same distance from his own home when deputies say he was hit and left to die by a drunk driver. He was trying to make curfew.

"because it was a crime scene no one could hold him or kiss him goodbye," said David Crutchfield's Aunt Rissa Keller, just one day after he was killed.

Both Giles and Crutchfield were students at Silver Bluff high school, both 15 years old and classmates say, both gone too soon.

"Second hit and run victim in two weeks from Silver Bluff," said Victoria.

Victoria is a senior at Silver Bluff high school, she says she and Erik grew up just down the street from each other.

"There's a lot of friends of theirs that are just really hurting and then it just keeps happening at Silver Bluff," said Victoria.

Victoria says classmates were still trying to find a way to heal and move on from David's death, when they were hit in the gut again.

''Because every time something happens you hear it on the announcements, lets have a moment of silence for this person, but its seems like its always happening," said Victoria. "Just car accident, after car accident," said Victoria.

Deputies say Ryan Kelly hit Giles in an Escalade. He is charged with leaving the scene, but the coroner says Giles death was an accident.

For Victoria and the rest of the Silver Bluff student body, its an accident that's robbed them of a friend for a lifetime.

"I know he was friends with a lot of people. and he was just gone too soon," said Victoria. "It sucked honestly, it sucks," said Victoria.

Ryan Kelly was arrested early this morning around one. His first court appearance will be March 11th, 2015.