FBI Arrests Local Man

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December 14, 2005
Neighbors who knew of Leo Utley say he was a man that kept to himself. But the FBI arrested him early Tuesday morning at his home at 4170B Deans Bridge Road, located in a remote area. It’s a case that involves drugs, conspiracy and murder. And those living near Leo Utley are stunned to hear the allegations.

It was a shock to neighbors when they heard the man who lived here, 54-year-old Leo Utley, is charge with two murders. Federal agents arrested him early Tuesday morning.

“Really kept to himself. I used to go to Hephzibah with his grandson, he just kept to himself and he wasn’t a very open person,” said Christopher Harrison, neighbor.

But agents say Leo Utley murdered two men for $100,000.

“Initially the victims or victims/witnesses they just disappeared and nobody knew what happened to them,” Utley said.

The early 90’s is when the case which originated in Arkansas after Judson Lee Fielding and Charles Joseph Winfield were stopped with gallons of liquid PCP. The two were planning to testify against Augusta-native Willie Carl Hankerson, Jr. who lived in Washington D.C. at the time. Agents say the drugs were being delivered to him from California. Last week a grand jury indicted Leo Utley for conspiring to kill witnesses and killing witnesses.

“They travel to Washington D.C. where they killed Winfield. Winfield is then transported by Utley according to the indictment back to Augusta,” said Ed Reinhold, FBI.

Shortly after, the next witness, Augusta-native Judson Lee Fielding, disappears.

“Meanwhile, they come back to Augusta and lure Fielding into an apartment where Utley kills him as well,” Reinhold said.

Barbara Ann Scarborough says she is shocked that someone accused of two murders live so close.

“It makes cold chills everywhere that ain’t nothing to play with, I mean nothing at all,” Scarborough said.

“He’s not the type of guy that goes out to kill somebody just to kill them. There has to be a reason for it and the reason in this case were Hankerson and Utley were looking at going to prison,” Reinhold said.

The bodies of Charles Winfield and Judson Lee Fielding have never been found. Federal prosecutors are looking at whether they will be able to see the death penalty.

In the meantime, local FBI agents are looking at how Leo Utley could be linked to former narcotics investigator Tyrone Williams. Williams was sentenced to federal prison for 25 years in 2002 on corruption charges.