16 Augusta schools on state low performance list

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Monday, July 13, 2015

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- 16 Richmond county schools are getting a bad report card when it comes to the quality of your child's education. While students are out of school for the summer the district is taking steps to make improvements.

Many of the school on the state's radar for low performance are on the Georgia Department of Education's "priority" and "focus" list. Priority Schools are among the lowest five percent of Title I schools in terms of academic achievement. Focus Schools are among the lowest 10 percent of Title I schools in terms of the achievement gap.

Something not sitting well well with Cassandra Alston because her grandsons school, Murphy middle, is on the list.

But she says she doesn't want to move him from where he is.

" I feel like its more convenient. to drive from Calvary drive to Murphy. It ain't but for half a mile to Murphy," said Alston.

Murphy is 1 out 16 other high schools, middle and elementary schools that made the list.

Only 10 minutes down the road from Alston's home is Langford middle.

In the last two years the school was able to get off Georgia's focus list. Something principal Vikki Reese says did not come without hard work.

"its awesome. So awesome because they worked so hard to achieve this," said Reese.

When Langford middle school made it onto Georgia's focus list it was because of the gap between their lowest and highest perfroming schools. A gap they were able to close by adding programs that help students improve like tutoring and summer school.

But Reese says most of their success is due to their International Baccalaureate, or IB, program.

The program emphasizes educating the whole student and so our teachers build relationships with our students," said Reese.

Not every school on this list has an International Baccalaureate Program, but more than 4000 students across Richmond county were enrolled into summer school and tutoring programs hoping to have results like Langford middle school. Something Reese thinks is achievable with the help of parents.

"They seemed to have confidence which I think is evident in that we used to have 625 students and now we have close to 900," said Reese.

The Richmond County schools on Georgia's Priority list are:

Butler High School
Glenn Hills High School
Jenkins- White Elementary Charter School
Josey High School
Laney High School

The Richmond County schools on Georgia's Focus list are:

Bayvale Elementary
Copeland Elementary
Glenn Hills Middle School
Lamar-Milledge Elementary
Morgan Road Middle School;
Murphey Middle School Charter
Tutt Middle School
Wheeless Road Elementary
Wilkinson Gardens Elementary