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The Daily Pledge

November 14th Mrs. Long's 1st Grade Class

November 13th Mrs. Warren's 1st Grade Class

November 12th Mrs. Patten's 1st Grade Class

November 11th Mrs. Wilkes' 1st Grade Class

November 8th Mrs. Stephens' 1st Grade Class

November 7th Mrs. Bussey's Kindergarten Class

November 6th Mrs. Harris' 1st Grade Class

November 5th Mrs. Spivey & Banks' Kindergarten Class

November 4th Mrs. Graham's Kindergarten Class

November 1st Mrs. Cooper's Kindergarten Class

October 31st Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten Class

October 30th Mrs. Miller's Kindergarten Class

October 29th Mrs. Howe & Anthony's Kindergarten Class

October 28th Mrs. Blackmon's Kindergarten Class

October 25th Mrs. Devine's Kindergarten Class

October 24th Mrs. Anderson's Kindergarten Class

October 23rd Mrs. Fletcher's Kindergarten Class

October 22nd Mrs. Hadden & McCladdie's Kindergarten Class

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The Daily Pledge is for grades K through 3rd from all area schools. Teachers, here’s how to make a video of your class saying the Daily Pledge and send it to News 12. Every morning during News 12 This Morning, we’ll spotlight a different class:

1. Have students line up (in 2 or 3 rows) against a whiteboard or one of the other walls in the classroom, much like they would for a “class photo.” Include an American flag in view (hanging on the wall or held by a student), and face the camera (and not the flag) to recite the pledge.

2. Hold your phone horizontal (sideways) for the recording. Start your recording, wait 5 seconds and then have students recite the pledge. Your recording (including the 5 second of silence) should total between 20-22 seconds.

3. Teachers are encouraged to join their students in front of the camera to recite the pledge, but it’s not necessary if you’re the one taking the video and you can’t.

4. Teachers, please make certain that your video includes only students who have permission from their parents to be photographed.

5. Upload the video to MyCapture HERE, below, or directly from your phone if you have the News 12 app by selecting "The Daily Pledge" category.

6. Fill in the blank, especially “Your Email,” so we can contact you to let you know when your class will be shown. Also, in the “Give it a title” or in the “Caption”, include the name of the school, the teacher, and what grade the students are in. Be certain to check the box to agree to the “Terms of Service” and then hit “Submit.”

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