Youth movement gaining experience for Butler

AUGUSTA, GA -- It's familiar territory for the Butler boys basketball team. Just like last season, they're in the hunt for the region title with three games to go. Unlike last season, the Bulldogs are hoping for an extended run in the playoffs.

The boys fell in the first round of the playoffs last year with a team made up of mostly freshman and sophomores. You can't teach experience and now they have it. With only two seniors on the team this season, they understand their role has even more emphasis on it.

"Just keeping them motivated day in and day out and leading them. Because we're immature right now so we gotta grow up. So we gotta lead, gotta stay disciplined," said junior Richard Visitacion.

"Like I said to me that's a sign of maturity. You know maturity emcompases so much that you could almost lable everything as maturity and hopefully we keep growing. That's the main thing and I don't want it to stop," added head coach Cervantes Boddy.

The metro teams have been basically playing round-robin tournament all year with three teams still in the mix for the region title here in the final week of the season