Women making strides in sports, but work to be done

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Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019

Evans, Ga--In the last decade, women have made tremendous strides in the sports world. From the college ranks, right up to the pros, we are seeing more and more, ladies in positions of power, usually taken by men. There's still work to be done.

To that end, the Peach Belt Conference hosting their women in athletics seminar today. With a panel of ladies representing the various aspects of the college and pro sporting world. The keynote speaker, long time basketball official Dee Kantner. While there's been a ton of progress, there's still a big hurdle to clear.

"Women in general, in the profession, in officiating, in business, it's still convincing people, we are capable. We are quite capable if given the opportunity without the bias. I still think, if I walk on the floor today with two men, there's still the assumption, if nobody knows my resume, that I'm the weakest official out there, until the ball goes up" said Dee Kantner

Kantner has officiated in the NBA and is thrilled how the association is opening more and more doors for women in various roles in the sport.