Willie Eubanks leaving a big mark on The Citadel footbal program

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019

Augusta, Ga--When Willie Eubanks played at Laney, he was a standout on the football field. Now, at The Citadel, has earned not only conference honors, but national accolades as well.

As a Division One athlete, it's always going to be a big change. So the speed of the game is faster, the coaching is harder.

It's been three seasons since Willie Eubanks the third played his last down for the Laney Wildcats. A solid running back and linebacker in high school, he's now fully transitioned to defense.

"I told the coaches that I was going to come here, and that's what I did. Backing out wasn't an option so I kept my head forward. " said Willie Eubanks

Getting it done and doing it well. After finishing his junior season, Eubanks was recognized as an AP 1st team All-America and the Southern Conference's defensive player of the year for The Citadel.

"I would say I had a good sophomore year, and I knew we were losing many people on defense that would key. So I had to step up even more this year. " added Eubanks

Eubanks isn't the only player from the Laney class of 2017 playing well. He keeps up with former teammate Tyrone Truesdell, who now plays for Auburn. And the two still compete though in different conferences.

"We try give each other advice on what we should be doing on Saturday and how we should perform. So we still keep up with each other and try to compete a little bit." said Eubanks

There isn't much rest for Eubanks in the off-season. Gaining post season accolades is nice, but Eubanks wants to take it even further.

"One step I want is to get a shot toward the NFL."

Eubanks still has a year left at The Citadel and has never forgotten where he came from. Over the summer, he wants to give back to the Wildcats by helping them with their weight program.

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