Underclassmen lead Glenn Hills to a quick 9-0 start

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Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018

Augusta, Ga--A year ago, Glenn Hills went all the way to the final four before bowing out of the state playoffs. They had three seniors that really stood tall and carried a lot of the work load. This year, maybe a surprise with a 9 and 0 record.

It's a younger team and they are delivering in a big way. Led by John Whitehed, the underclassmen have stepped up their game and playing with confidence and tenacity. That loss a year ago, also played a roll in motivating the guys who are back.

"Yes it did. It gave us a real good drive to go to the championship because we were so close that year, but that gave us a lot of fuel to do better this year." said junior John Whitehead

"We have a lot juniors, a lot of guys from JV. The only guy we had coming back that really played a lot was John Whitehead, and Emmanuel Jones, he played some significant minutes, but we figured we'd be pretty young starting the season so it's been a pleasant surprise" said Travis McRae

One other secret weapon Travis McRae has, former NBA and college coach, and former Spartan Michael Curry. He's hanging out every now and then giving them a different perspective on things. So far, so good as they take on Laney Friday night