Two sets of ARC twins expand brotherhood to football field

AUGUSTA, GA -- Richmond Academy boasts not just one, but two sets of senior twins. All four are starters and are expected to have an impact role for the Musketeers this season. Football has brought each set closer together, and they've managed to have plenty of fun along the way.

"When we were freshman, we used to blind-side everybody," said Isiah Dorsey. "I hit some real big dude and I blamed it on him [Isreal]. He got roughed up a little bit but he didn't get beat up too bad."

It's not uncommon for twins do everything together. It helps them build chemistry with one another. That same chemistry translates onto the football field as well.

"Having two people with that same mindset out there -- and especially on the defensive side of the ball you have to know what you're doing. You have to know where people are going to be because it's all reaction," said Isreal Dorsey. "So, you got someone who has the same reaction time as you and thinks the same you do, then you know plays are going to be made."

The upside of chemistry and anticipation is great. It's the sibling rivalry that drives both the Dorsey's and Davis's to be better.

"Like every play I have to be better than him and that's all it is," said Ta'Darious Davis. "Like every play, if I'm not better than him, than I feel like I lost."

Football is a brotherhood that only players can really understand. To do experience it with your twin brother makes it that much better.

"It's way more special because you see them 24/7," said La'Darious Davis. "You're doing the same every single day and every single time. It's just special man."