Two more from Harlem sign to play football at the college level

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Harlem, Ga--For Harlem's football program, the last couple of seasons have been the most successful in school history. Not only on the field, but off as well. Today, two more players inking letters of intent to play college ball. Something that was virtually unheard of up until two years ago

Quest Caines inks to play with the start up program at Erskine while Dequan Dorsey signs with Point University. It's been long and coming and life long dreams for both, and now, both are raising the standards for the kids coming behind them.

"It will trickle down through us and hit the kids beneath us and hopefully they'll use that and say well, we want more kids to sign then they had sign, so maybe it'll make them try to outwork us" said Quest Caines

"We kept pushing and pushing to get the record that it is now, 7 and 3" said Dequan Dorsey

With this duo, it makes six kids off this years team sign to play college ball.