Trying A New Sport Leads To Major Life Change in Local Fighter

Augusta, GA-- When you walk into Gruebels Mixed Martial Arts studio you will see all walks of life, young, old, amateur, professional and even females.

For local fighter Taylor Guido kickboxing has become more than just a hobby, she entered a sport mostly dominated by males because she stands for more than just blending in with the crowd.

"The reason I am doing this is to inspire other people specifically other women because I think it's very important to do something that gives you that feeling of control, power and empowerment." said Taylor.

Adversity is apart of life, Taylor saw it at an early, while her father is around now he was not present for a majority of her life. That made an impact on her self-image. The sport of kickboxing has served as an internal medicine.

Guido said "It allowed me to use the things I always hated about myself to be an incredible athlete because it's like I am strong and it's okay to be strong, it's okay to be unique."

Guido will make her International Kickboxing Federation debut June 11th against Casey Welch at the Sumter Showdown.