Track and field standouts use to be rivals, becoming college teammates

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Evans, Ga--Every year the river region produces some top notch track and field athletes, and several compete and succeed at the national level before heading off the college. A pair of river region young ladies use to be rivals, but now will be teammates in college.

"It's kind of a dream. Like every athlete has that dream of going d1 and to have the chance to go D1 is very exciting" said Khiah Williams

Before Khiah Wwilliams and Kyarra Newton signed on for track and field at Kennesaw State, both athletes were regulars at Georgia's high school state finals.

"I'd been to state every year but it's only been for 2 events. This year, it was really exciting to get to go with my 4-by-1 team, 4-by-4 team, and just being able to compete in high jump, long jump, the 400, 4-by-1 and 4-by-4 was amazing." said Kyarra Newton

Both Khiah and Kyarra took part in this year's new balance national outdoor track championship. Khaia won her flight in the long jump. It was a chance she didn't take for granted either.

"To be able to go to new balance is definitely exciting because not every body can go there. It's kind of like -- in other terms -- the peach jam. Like a lot of people from different places go there but not everybody has the opportunity to compete there." added Williams

Kyarra didn't have the same success as Khiah. She placed 25th in the high jump, but turned her results into a learning opportunity.
"It was a really good eye opener to see what i need to do to get better, what i need to fix, and how i can continue to perfect this event." added Newton

Both girls have known each other since the 6th grade and have always dreamed of competing together. They'll get to do that and more for the owls next year as teammates and roommates.

"Like, if anything it would be more support.It may be a little i may beat you here and there, but other than that, nothing too serious, nothing too major." said Williams

"I'm always going to be there to support her if she needs it. She's always going to be able to come to me. And whatever we need to fix, we'll be able to solve because we're teammates, we're roommates, and it's just going to be great." said Newton

Both will compete in several events at Kennesaw State