Three-peat quest still in tact as North Augusta girls win 44-26

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Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

Florence, SC--North Augusta will shoot for their third straight state title after beating Myrtle Beach 44-26 Friday night in Florence.

The Jackets and Seahawks were tied at eight after the opening quarter, but then North Augusta would run out to a 12 point lead at the half.

In the third, they would extend the lead to 38-23 and then, in a low scoring fourth, take care of business for the final 18 point advantage.

"It's still nice to know to go hard all the time and not stay complacent so we just try to stay disciplined and do what he says." said J'Mani Ingram

"He always tells us we have to continue the legacy and it's a lot of pressure on us, the people above us, like Amari (Young) and Sarah (Crews), those are two very good players" said Tyliah Burns

"When you fortunately have the lead, you can fortunately run time off the clock and we stressed that so I think our girls were pretty disciplined and we just tried to continue to stretch that and have them understand it's all about winning the game, and not about stats" said Al Young

North Augusta will now play next Saturday night against South Pointe in Columbia for the 4A state title and play for a third straight state title.