Technology helps Augusta Prep senior hear the sounds of sports

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Martinez, Ga--Let's face it, we take our senses for granted. Sight, smell, and hearing. For Augusta Prep's trey farmer, he didn't have one of them when he was born. Certainly hasn't stopped him, thanks to technology.

The roar of the crowd after a goal is scored.

Nats of crowd cheering

For Trey Farmer, it could sound something like this

(Silence after a goal)

But it doesn't thanks to his cochlear implants.

"It was genetics. A little tiny thing went wrong at the end of my cochlear and that's what set it and so I got the cochlear implants and it's been a pretty good replacement since" sad Trey Farmer

Farmer actually had the implants when he was just six months old. The technology has come a long ways over the years.

"It was a little book bag thing, where you had to wear the straps, and the book bag, backpack in the back, was the battery and that would go up in my ear" added Farmer

Farmer has become a spokesman of sorts for the implants

"I guess I was about middle school or something and I chose my cochlear implants for them and I started getting into it. My sister actually was a bio-med and she said she got into that field because of me" said Trey

Trey can control the volume and while he doesn't turn them down in sports, there are other instances.

"That's probably the really cool part. You can turn it up or down when I don't want to hear at times"

Do you do that at times?

"Just to study, and when my sister gets annoying.

Unless you were looking for them, you'd barely notice them, even during a sporting event.

"I know it can get frustrating for a coach if he's trying to yell at me from the sidelines and I don't hear it, but I'll be, I"ll try to be aware and look up a lot"

He goes to Atlanta for upgrades and is more then wiliing to talk to others nervous about getting implants. For Farmer, they've made all the difference in the world.

Farmer is a senior at Prep and while he'd like to continue his soccer playing days in college, nothing has really materialized as of yet. In case you are wondering, yes, the cochlear devices have gotten damaged when banging heads during a soccer game.