The next chapter for local boxing legend Paul Williams

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC -- Two-time middle weight and welterweight champion of the world Paul Williams tries to stay humble. It didn't take long for others to start doing his talking for him.

"To walk with them guys and stuff like, I'm working to be like a Mayweather or Mike Tyson or someone like that. It's when other people start telling you, 'Yo dude, you're the man," said Williams.

The Punisher was the man in the ring. The born in Augusta, raised in Aiken local won 33 in a row before falling for the first time. His first loss to Carlos Quintana was a shocker, but one he rebounded from quickly.

"You can't accept winning if your can't accept losing. That's a hard cookie to swallow that you lost. Don't worry about it, just go out there and do your job."

Williams earned his title back 4 months later, though his promising career ended suddenly after a motorcycle accident ahead of his match against Canelo Alvarez.

"He would've had his first loss. It wouldn't have been by Mayweather, it would've been by me. My opinion, I would've put that Punisher sauce on him."

After spending a few years in away, Williams started training Justin DeLoach in 2016. A year later, he wanted to get involved in the community, and has been able to do just that with life-long friend James Forrest.

"What we're giving the kids and teaching the kids, that's for themselves. They've been places they've never been before. They're seeing guys they see on tv and stuff."

When he's not helping kids realize their dreams, he's working towards another goal.

"I'm starting up Punisher Promotions. And I want to get some fights, some quality, professional fights, down here in the CSRA."

The long term goal is to host fights at SRP Park: something that The Punisher feels would continue to help the CSRA grow. His time fighting for titles is gone, though Williams believes he can help some of his students earn a belt of their own. Getting to that point would be the peak of his latest chapter.

"It's the kids man. And not to say that because I've done it. I've been a world champion. It stops. I got hurt and it stops. But how many kids can I make a world champion? I changed those lives, so that's big for me. That's the high I'm on now."

Williams and Forrest are hosting their first team tournament on March 21st. Their club continues to grow as The Punisher also trains up and coming boxers as well as the kids. Getting a fight at SRP Park would be a signature event for the summer in the CSRA. It will take time before that goal can come a reality, but Williams definitely has the prestige to attract the talent.