Strom Thurmond graduate Cameron Huston wins 4-H trapshooting National Championship

EDGEFIELD, SC -- It's not uncommon for parents to want their child to try something new, especially when they reach high school. Cameron Huston's parents encouraged him to try trap shooting his freshman year. Now, he's a national champion.

During his freshman year at Strom Thurmond, Huston wanted to pick up another sport other than soccer. He ended up finding his niche with sport shooting.

"It's had a pretty big impact on me. I'm out here almost every week," said Huston. "I've met a lot of great people it's just very fun."

Cameron took part in this year's 4-H national tournament in Nebraska. He nearly accomplished his goal of a perfect set: hitting 99 of the 100 targets in trap.

"It was the very fourth target I shot at. I was all over it but it just didn't break. It's a lot of mental ability. You gotta not think about what's happening. You just have to do it as it goes."

Huston wasn't a natural crack-shot. He practiced daily with his father and had encouragement from his mother to continue getting better. There were plenty of growing pains and his first tournament seemed overwhelming.

"Oh the first one, it was crazy. I didn't know what to think. It was a lot of people around, there was a lot of shooting. I did awful, [but] it was a fun experience overall."

The tournament was both a learning experience and an inspiration for Huston. He was able to see first-hand what could happen if he stuck with the sport and was able to set a goal.

"It just kind of made me want to be better because I can be like these people who are shooting a hundred straight."

Cameron will continue to shoot for USC Aiken's shotgun club in the upcoming year. He may not stay with the Pacers long. If he shoots well, he'd like to transfer to Clemson and join their shotgun club. His dreams include becoming an Olympian.