Scott Parel continues to get his off-course workouts in

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Augusta, Ga--While golf isn't as physically demanding as most others, all the players try to stay as fit as possible. For Augusta's Scott Parel, even during this down time, he gets in a few sessions a week to remain in the best shape possible.

"I'm not trying to bulk up, I'm not trying to bench 300 pounds or anything like that. I'm just trying to maintain what I have and mainly flexibility." said Scott Parel

Flexibility can be king in golf and for the PGA Tour Champions, that can be an issue. Scott Parel is making sure it's not a big one.

"I see guys, especially, my age, have injuries pop up, and I get them too, but I feel I recover a little faster" added Parel

Parel works with Jay Garrison, who's developed more golf related workout plans. Parel has certainly noticed a difference as sometimes a mistake on the course can be traced to a physical flaw.

"Even though I've been playing golf forever, my body will still change and I'll make a mistake in my golf swing and many times, that's related to something physcal." added Parel

PGA Tour Champions isn't returning until late July so Parel may be scaling back his days on the course, but not in the workout room.

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