Russ Schneider is out as McCormick football coach

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Friday, may 26, 2017

McCormick High School football

McCormick, SC--Just as schools are letting out across the two state, comes another football change. This one at McCormick as Russ Schneider has been relieved of his coaching duties with the chiefs.

Schneider tells News 12/NBC 26 Friday afternoon this was a decision from the superintendent and comes on the heels of his DUI arrest back in February.

Schneider, is back teaching after being put on leave, but has lost his coaching job. He spent two years with the Chiefs and things were trending upwards after going 4 and 0 in region play. During his two years, McCormick was 12 and 12 and still has a lot of talent.

Schneider's DUI case is still pending.