Recruiting changes can affect college coaches at the Peach Jam

Published: Jul. 11, 2018 at 3:22 PM EDT
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

North Augusta, SC--It has grown from a small tournament 22 years ago and has become one of the largest AU event in the country. Teams from all over the country take part and every major coach from around the nation are also here, but that may change.

The Commission of College Basketball has talked to everyone across the board on how to fix college recruiting. This, in the light of the FBI arrests and the corruption scandals the sport has faced in the past 12 months.

What makes the Peach Jam so big is there's just a five day window in July coaches can see players in action in person. One proposal by the commission, not allowing coaches at events that are sponsored by shoe companies. Needless to say, its a hot topic issue.

"That would be a terrible mistake but at the same time, we have to wait and see what rules are made. Some bad things happened in events, but a heck of a lot of really good things happen too. I think my biggest worry is sometimes you want change, but change can be for the worse too. I think if someone was to take away something like the Peach Jam, it would be one of the worst mistakes we could possibly have" said Roy Williams.

"Change is coming, that's going to happen. It's not whether it's going to be status quo, what's better, what's worse, change is coming. We'll see, when it comes, we have to embrace it, build it, and grow and see where it takes us" said Frank Martin

"There's some things about it that aren't working and so they're looking to make some adjustments to try and improve the way we evaluate. So we'll respond to whatever they decide to do" said Bruce Pearl

Nothing is a done deal by a long shot but as you heard Frank Martin say, change is coming and it's a matter to what extent and how would it affect the Peach Jam. One recruiting change could be having camps on college campuses where all the prospective players come in and be evaluated there, instead of at events like the Peach Jam.

Look for the NCAA to discuss this further later this summer and make changes.