Rainouts further complicating condensed baseball schedules

AUGUSTA, GA -- Rainouts in baseball are something that you can expect early on in the season, especially in a year where Augusta has already seen almost 14 and a half inches of rain. That makes an already condensed season even more challenging on both coaches and players.

So far, Westside high school has already seen 8 games rained out and has had to spend more time than normal practicing indoors. There's even more to consider. Many of the teams in our area play more games per week since there's no games during Masters week. Some of the early rainouts have also been region games, which have to be played. Keep in mind, pitchers are also limited to 110 piches per week. Depth is the biggest issue, which may lead to more cancelled games.

"You just don't have enough pitching. I mean we're playing four this week so it's going to be hard to do that. Hopefully we can manage through it. Other kids are going to have to step up and play if we play the games. If i don't think we can do that, then of course, we'd have to drop the games or if the other team is the same way."

The Patriots will continue to test their depth and play through a busy schedule with more rain expected. Westside plans to play through as much as they can and are looking forward to their Wednesday game at SRP park against Richmond Academy.