Position change has helped Harlem get towards the top of the region

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019

Harlem, GA--It's getting late in the season in the high school ranks and around here, the class 2A region race has been fun to watch. Jefferson County, Hephzibah, and Harlem all battling back and forth. For the bulldogs, their ace in the hole has been the emergence of Cameron Garrett

For the last two years, Garrett was wrecking havoc from the defensive side of the ball and playing behind A.J. Brown. Now, he's trying to out run those linebackers and find his way to the end zone, which he's done quite a bit of. It's not the first time Garrett has switched which side of the ball he plays on, but he's using that experience to his advantage.

"I've been playing offense most of my life, so defense was really the switch. But, my team needed me most at running back. I know a couple of d-end tactics and linebacker tactics, so i run outside i know the lineback's gonna scrape across. I can get by him inside if i see his footwork." said Cameron Garrett

When the season started, he wanted 15 sacks. Now, the goal is 15 touchdowns. He's already nearing that mark and is over the 1000 yard barrier as well toting the pigskin

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