Plenty of Georgia ties in the Super Bowl

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Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019

Atlanta, Ga--When they tee it up Sunday night we'll have no less then a half dozen guys who have played for our regional colleges. And lots more that grew up in the peach state. Teammates, rivals, and plenty of mutual respect among this group.

Two of the biggest names playing in the Super Bowl are Todd Gurley and Sony Michel. They only overlapped one year in Athens while and Michel was just starting to leave an impression.

"Obviously I taught him a little bit too much, but obviously he had a little bit of talent on his own, but I taught him a couple of things" said Todd Gurley

"It's cool two guys to represent the University of Georgia, but you know, it's also a wonderful opportunity for me and my team to be in this game" said Sony Michel

One guy who saw both up close and personal, now rams linebacker Ramik Wilson. His first memorable Gurley moment, came early on.

"Coach Bobo gave him a toss, a nice little toss, and he took it 80 yards on us and I mean coach Grantham was coaching us out, how do you like a freshman, and we were like coach, he was like shot out of a rocket, he was gone" said Ramik Wilson

Then you have David Andrews and Shaq Mason, Georgia and Georgia Tech respectively. The now teammates for New England don't let an opportunity go by when they get a dig in on each other.

"I like to always remind him that I'm 3 and 1 against him and he always likes to remind me that he beat us my senior year and that's all that matters, so, and it was between the hedges" said David Andrews

"Oh, 100%. I don't think there's a week goes by where we don't mention the rivalry so it's non-stop" said Shaq Wilson

"He's become one of my best friends and it's kind of crazy, after this year, we'll have played more football with each other then at our respective schools so, I don't know if I ever thought that would happen" added Andrews