Peach Belt Conference highlight women in athletics

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Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

Augusta, Ga--This year we saw a woman be a NFL referee in a playoff game for the first time ever. Seems like yearly now, they are making more of an impact in roles normally reserved for their male counterparts. Each year, the Peach Belt Conference holds their Women in Athletics seminar to highlight some of those trailblazers.

Several dozen current student-athletes had the chance to pick the brain of some influential ladies. From those in sports medicine to athletic director roles, to even officials, women have made major inroads. One of them is Nicole Sherry, who's the head groundskeeper of the Baltimore Orioles.

"I think I just focused on the job and what it took to do the job and just kept going. Taking the chances to move to minor league baseball and see what doors would open up from there, and I always had a back up plan" said Nicole Sherry

Her biggest message to the young women today, find a path that fits what you're looking for and push forward with the goal of reaching those dreams.