Peach Belt Conference continues to expand with Esports

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Augusta, Ga--It is one of the fastest growing sports around and it''s just blowing up all across the nation, and in particular, on college campus's. Esports is huge and only getting bigger. Leading the way on the collegiate front may just be the Peach Belt Conference.

They just completed their second year of the conference recognizing Esports as a legit sport and the feedback has been tremendous. Not just here, but across the country. From Division Two to D1 programs, everyone has taken notice and the collegiate growth is just gaining traction.

"I know the Big East is going to have a championship this year, the Mountain West is having a championship as well. I've been talking with their commissioners about some crossover challenge events and even a female champions challenge"

Since Esports isn't under the NCAA umbrella, those cross over events are very likely to happen. Further showing the growth, the Peach Belt has added three associate members including a school in Michig and and Hawai'i Pacific, as they've recognized the trend and have jumped on the Esports express.

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