Parel becomes a force on the PGA Tour Champions

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Augusta, Ga--Augusta's Scott Parel has worked his way into the top five on the money list on the PGA Tour Champions. A late bloomer in the golf world, Parel is just now becoming a weekly leaderboard fixture. We decided tag along for a hole and see how he goes about his business.

"Warming up, I don't honestly pay a whole lot of attention to if I hit the ball good, bad, or otherwise, because I've had so many days where I get on the range and can't hit it at all, then some days you hit every shot perfect, then you can't seem to make it happen on the golf course

Generally for me, I hit kind of a right to left ball flight so my target is usually the edge of the clubhouse right there, all the way out there in the distance which is like the right edge of the greenside bunker.

I don't want to say I cant' hit a cut, but, you know a lot of my friends say I can't even cut myself shaving.

Most guys out here are sports nuts so we're taking, I played a lot the last few weeks with Billy Andrade, and he and I are big baseball fans

It's a comfort level. The more you get up there, the more you are in the top 10 and you have a chance to win, I think the more comfortable you become.

I'm going to have to win at some point to have any chance to catch him. So that's obviously a goal. I won twice last year and those venues are still out there and like I said earlier, I'd love to contend in a major.

(Makes putt)

And Kevin you're going to have to come with me" said Scott Parel

Parel tees it up this week and looks to add to a growing resume where he's finished second, sixth and fourth in the last few times out.

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