North Augusta heads to Hartsville for the 3rd round of the playoffs

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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018

North Augusta, SC--We're down to just a handful of teams still alive in the state playoffs. Five of them are on the South Carolina side. The biggest, North Augusta. The Jackets have steamrolled the first two rounds, but now, will face one of their biggest challenges in a few years when they travel to Hartsville.

While the Jackets have scored 40 plus points in four straight games, the Red Foxes are averaging that and some, going for 45 an outing. While they trailed at the half this past week, they still put 65 points on the board. North Augusta knows they will need their best outing if they want to keep title hopes alive.

"Hopefully slow down their rushing attack. They do a great job running the football, they out leverage you and of course, when they throw it, they don't throw it a lot, but when they do, they're pretty effective throwing it" said Brian Thomas

"Just be focused and physical. We got to make every play. We have to make every play count, we need to get turnovers, I mean, the usual stuff" said Caree Collier

Both teams also feature outstanding defenses. On the year, the Jackets are giving up 14 points a game while Hartsville is giving up just 13. North Augusta can't play from behind and if they can get off to the type of start they're use to, this could be an interesting ballgame.