North Augusta builds on first soccer region title

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Monday, March 25, 2019

North Augusta, SC--A year ago, North Augusta took a huge step forward on the soccer pitch. For the first time ever, winning the region title. Fast forward to this year and they are on the verge of going back to back in that department.

Sometimes all it takes is one successful year to start a winning culture. Last season, was definitely a confidence boosting one for the jackets, now, when the players hit the soccer field, they've got a little extra hop in their step, knowing they can compete with the best. While, they may not have the same talent from a year ago, their team's cohesiveness has helped them stay consistent.

"We take each game one day at a time. We don't try to count the wins before we get them. We all play together. There's not one specific superstar." .Ryan Rood said.

"Last year, there was a couple of, a player in each position that really stood out over everybody else. They were key players. This year, there's no key players on the field. It's everybody working together," Austin Landrum said

The Yellow Jackets are undefeated through the first half of the region schedule.