NFL stars want fans for football season

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 6:27 PM EDT
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Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones says it would be “very strange” to play in stadiums with no fans or a limited number of spectators this season if that becomes necessary for safety reasons.

“It would bring back kind of like a Little League feel when there’s nobody at the games except for your parents and things like that,” Jones said Wednesday during a Zoom session with reporters.

Jones said that “the fans are what make the game’’ and added that “they are what gets the players going.’’

Packers safety Adrian Amos said players would just have to get accustomed to performing at the same level without the energy that fans bring to a game.

Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt hopes there are fans in the stands when the NFL season kicks off this fall.

“We love our fans and (having their) energy, the excitement, the adrenaline, it makes it what it is,” Watt said Wednesday.

But if fans aren’t allowed in stadiums because of the coronavirus pandemic, it won’t change anything about how the defensive end plays.

“As an athlete, as a competitor you can play in front of no fans,” Watt said. “We want to go out there and compete. It doesn’t matter if it’s a practice against another team, it doesn’t matter if it’s a practice against our own team, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the weight room against yourself, you’re always looking to compete.”

The NFL season is scheduled to open Sept. 10 when the Texans travel to face the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Watt said he doesn’t have any inside information as to whether the season will begin as planned amid the pandemic, but he’s working on the assumption that it will.

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