NCAA poised to move toward allowing athletes to make money

On Monday, California became the first state in the nation to require the NCAA to allow college athletes to hire agents and directly profit from endorsement deals. (MGN)
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NEW YORK (AP) -- The NCAA is poised to take a significant step toward allowing college athletes to earn money off the fame they have gained by playing sports.

The Board of Governors will be briefed Tuesday by administrators who have been examining whether it would be feasible to allow athletes to profit from their names, images and likenesses while still preserving NCAA amateurism rules.

The move comes as the nation's largest governing body for college athletics faces increasing pressure from lawmakers across the country intent on following California's lead by dismantling compensation prohibitions that currently apply to more than 450,000 NCAA athletes.

The progress report will be a key early step in a process that could take months or even years to work its way through the NCAA various layers.