Missing baseball as the season was suppose to start

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

North Augusta, SC--Today was suppose to be opening day for the Atlanta Braves, taking on Arizona. Needless to say, that's not happening and we really don't know when they are going to play.

For me, it all started with wiffle ball in the backyard. Tom, Mike, Andrew, Rich, Bob, the whole crew. We had our own rules in the different back yards.

Here's a picture of us when we were playing. And can you figure out which one is me?

Yea, i was a big red machine and George Foster my favorite player.

My brother was a Yankee fan, so at Cooperstown, needless to say, we didn't get along.

Then my small hometown in upstate New York, got the super station, WTBS, and 7:05 became appointment television. That's also where i found Dale Murphy, my all-time favorite player, and yes, he does belong in the hall of fame.

These are part of my bobblehead collection, yeah, you can tell I'm a Braves fan and even when they were losing 100 games a year. I guess that's where also I found, Greg Maddux. He was my next favorite player.

But then, my buddy, David Lee said, you got to start paying attention to this kid, Ronald Acuna Junior, and yes, the rest is history.

The one constant in life has been baseball. America. Has rolled on like an army of steamrollers. Then, erased like a chalkboard and then erased again. But the one constant that's marked the time is baseball.

So sooner or later we'll hear those famous words again..play ball again!

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