Midland Valley's new coach looks to win on and off the field

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Monday, Feb. 18, 2019

Midland Valley High School football

Graniteville, SC--We only have a couple of football coaching vacancies left in the area and those should be filed in the next two weeks. At Washington Wilkes, the Tigers recently hired T.C. Jay and at Midland Valley, it's Kenny Freeman now in charge. Monday, Freeman got to talk about the challenges and expectations ahead for the Mustangs.

"Right out of the gates we want to open the gates to all players. Any football player that wants to be part of this program will be part of this program. Hopefully the success we've had in the past, we can bring it here and have the success, continue to grow, grow this program back and be part of this community as quickly as possible." said Kenny Freeman

The Mustangs are coming off a winless season so there's only one direction to go. Freeman comes from Dutch Fork where he was part of four state title teams