McMaster: Carolina Panthers hope to relocate facilities, 150+ employees to South Carolina

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Gov. Henry McMaster announced Wednesday that a meeting with leadership from the state’s general assembly and the Carolina Panthers are looking to moving their football operations to South Carolina.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster was joined by members of the General Assembly to discuss the Carolina Panthers potentially moving their football operations to the Palmetto State.

Following a meeting at the governor’s mansion on Wednesday with Panthers owner David Tepper, the governor announced that the team is interested in moving their football operations, including 150+ employees, practice facilities to either York or Lancaster counties.

The move would include the relocation of facilities, employees both front office and back office employees, players, in addition to having hotel and retail opportunities to make the facilities usable year-round.

"We want to attract this great team to South Carolina," McMaster said.

Speaker of the House Jay Lucas said that the business of football is big business, and moving their football operations and their payroll is huge for a sports environment that their motto has been "one team, two states."

The process is in the early-stages of negotiations and discussions on the matter and legislation needs to be put in place for things, such as tax credits, but McMaster said “South Carolina leadership has been working hard on making the decisions,” but they will also be waiting on what Tepper decides.

McMaster said that Tepper wants to get started “right away.”