Kisner Foundation continues to help out kids in the river region

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

It took Kevin Kisner a few years to get himself established on the PGA Tour , but once he did, that's when he and his wife Brittany, decided to take on a venture off the course. It was the formation of the Kisner Foundation to give back to the kids in the river region.

Thursday at the GreenJacket game, another fundraiser, slash celebration of some of their latest work. Now, in their second full year, the foundation continues to make donations to those who need it, with the kids in mind. The Kisner's thought out the whole venture and it's paid off for everyone.

"You know, we took our time. We just didn't fly in and try to get as many people as possible. We tried to do it clean and grow it from the grassroots level. I think this is the cool part. We have an awesome park right here in the CSRA and once a year celebrate our foundation and raise a bunch of money for the kids" said Kevin Kisner

Their latest donations came in the form of scholarships to a pair of Aiken County standout students, who also had a chance to throw out the first pitch tonight.