Kirby Smart is concerned about players well being away from campus

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Augusta, Ga--With the uncertainties of the sports world, there is more and more of a concern about the state of the football season. Will it start on time? Will they play the normal amount of games?

In Athens, there's going to be a ton of questions that need to be addressed when they finally do get on the field. For right now, Kirby Smart is concerned about the players. They come from all walks of life and when he doesn't see them day-to-day, he's worried about their well being.

"Some of these kids may be going back into tough communities that may be affected by covid and got parents that are out of work and may not have as much food on the plate. They're use to getting all the food they need, all the exercise, and all the academic support. Well, you rip those three things from them and put them in tough environments and it's really hard for us to monitor" said Kirby Smart

We take a lot of these things for granted when we only see them play on Saturday's in sold out stadiums.

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