Kevin Kisner honored by South Aiken

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Friday, Jan. 25, 2019

Aiken, SC--We are use to seeing Kevin Kisner on the golf course where he's become one of the elite players in the world. Tonight, Kisner out of his element but for a good reason.

Friday night, his alma mater honoring Kisner at their home basketball games. He was a big part of the golf team back in the day and helped lead the South Aiken to two state title. He lives in Aiken, is still a big part of the community and the memories were fresh when he walked in tonight.

"I was laughing coming in because I parked in the senior parking lot, I assume that's what it still is, and I came in the back door and the basketball coach that was here then was coach (Donnie) Holland and he was also the golf coach and I said, Brittany, I've done a lot of stuff in that office right there, that was coach Holland's office so that was cool to come back and see that" said Kevin Kisner

Kisner has a couple of weeks off before teeing it up next.