Kate Parvianinen looks for spot in Drive, Chip and Putt Championship

Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019

Augusta, Ga-- No doubt about it, when Augusta National started the drive, chip and putt championship, it was a winner. It seems to be still growing. With one qualifying event left, the Augusta area could have a half dozen kids be part of the national finals.

Kate Parviainen has been competing in the Drive, Chip and Putt Championships for the last four years and is in the middle of her best qualilfyng run ever.

"I've made it to the second round, but I've never made it to the third round until this year, so I'm pretty excited for that." said Kate Parvianinen

Kate really wants to make it to the finals at Augusta National. She won't get another chance after this year.

"Oh that would mean so much to me because it's my last year in drive chip and putt because I'm 15. And like i said I've made it to the second round every year and i finally made it to the third round so i want to see if i can go all the way." said Kate

"I would definitely say my nerves have gotten a lot better. Because i used to be so nervous going out there."

Even with her experience, it's hard not to feel pressure when you only have 3 shots in each event.

"Oh a lot of pressure. That's why it's so nerve wracking, especially when i was 10-11 years old. But now, I'm coasting in there like 30 minutes before i go, just a lot more relaxed i feel like."

Her next stop is TPC Sawgrass on September 28th. If she wins there, she'll get to compete in front of her home crowd.

Regional qualifying is as tough as it gets. You need to win your age group to make it to Augusta National. Some of our kids will try to qualify next weekend in Atlanta. Others, like Kate, will be in Flordia late in September.

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