Jerod Carrier: a chip off the old block, sort of

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Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019

Augusta, Ga--A lot of time genetics can play a roll in a teenager developing into a college athlete. If you have a parent that played, good chance you have that innate ability to do the same. That's partly the case for Augusta's Jerod Carrier, just his dad's ability came in a different sport.

Sports runs in the Carrier family. Jerod, now a sophomore for Augusta, grew up not only playing hoops, but football as well. It's football that truly ran in the family

"We're a football family. My brother played football as well, he played for Darmouth, I played football myself." said Jerod Carrier

Funny thing is, his dad was very good at it, like a 12 year n-f-l veteran who made a pro bowl. That was before Jerod was born and it didn't quite register with him until he started to grow up

"Obviously it didn't really hit me til I grew older. Til I was able to see all the stats, like the one where he has the most receiving yards for the Bucs, and I was like wow, he actually played in the NFL for 12 years!"

Football may be the carrier forte, there was something about the round ball that drew Jerod and his dad in.

"He'll tell you himself, his first love was actually basketball. He really loved basketball. He actually loved it more than football, he just happen to be good at both" said Jerod

When they do talk, the discussion is usually hoops related.

"He knows the game so he can tell me a lot about basketball and I still know a lot about football" added Carrier

Mark carrier is currently works in the front office for the Carolina Panthers. Every now and then, he'll make the trek to Augusta to see his son play.

Carrier has only seen action in four games this year but loves it at Augusta University. One other trivia about his dad, he scored the first ever touchdown at Bank of America Stadium.