Jeffry Parra is a baseball success story on and off the field

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

North Augusta, SC--It's an off day for the Augusta GreenJackets as they get ready to hit the road once again. For catcher Jeffry Parra, being part of the organization is a success story like few others.

Parra grew up in the Dominican Republic and at the age of 14, he and his family moved to New York city. The rub, Parra didn't know a single word of English and was thrust into the biggest city in the country. Parra admits he was scared. When it came to going to school, it didn't make things easier.

"The teacher literally told me to stay in the corner because I believe it was Global One and everyone was American and I didn't know any English so, they told me to stay in the corner and just stay there, so I was there for a while month, go into class and sit in the corner." said Jeffry Parra

Parra learned most of his English from an E.S.L. class as well as playing with a summer travel ball team that featured a lot of Spainsh speaking players. That's where he also became a catcher. He's not a natural catcher by any stretch of the imagination.

"Actually, when I was 14, actually I was a third baseman. I started catching that year, but was pretty bad. I couldn't catch in varsity so they had me on third base. I didn't really like to catch but my big brother told me I had a pretty good arm and he was a catcher so he kind of trained me to be a catcher" added Parra

Parra also serves as the unofficial interpeter on the team seeing he's now fluent in both English and Spanish and several of the youngsters on the Jackets don't have a full grasp on the language as of yet.

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