Jefferson County hosts third annual linemen camp

Teams from across the river region are counting down to the start the high school football season. While skill players take advantage of 7 on 7 camps, there's not a lot of opportunities for the linemen.

This is the third year that Jefferson County has teamed up with other teams and put on a camp for both the offensive and defensive lines. Not only a chance to compete, but a way to learn different techniques from different coaches.

"[We're] trying to work on getting each other better, work on ourselves," said Washington County senior Shedrick Collins. "As well as getting our teammates better, giving each other work."

"Mainly we're doing like down block stuff, getting off the ball, and getting off your man to the second level to make the hole," added Jefferson County senior Richard Stavely. "and making sure you have the time and the quarterback has time to roll off and make plays."

Linemen have to be violent and explosive in order to be effective. Hard hits, hot weather, and trying to put your oponent on their back makes it easy for players to lose their tempers, but players understand there's a bigger picture involved

"We've got to understand that this is about you getting better. Losing an O-Line or D-Line drill in dang June or July is not going to win or lose a ball game." said jefferson county head coach JB Arnold. "We want to try and learn from it and get better. Once we get better hopefully we can apply that to the rest of the season."

Teams from as far away as Screven and Washington County were part of the 10 taking part today.