Jags cross country heading to nationals

AUGUSTA, GA -- It's been a record setting year for the Augusta cross country team, and it's not over yet. For the first time ever, the Jags have had an individual winner of the peach belt tournament meet, and now she, and others are off to nationals this weekend.

Junior Micah Weathers is leading the charge. The Peach Belt Conference runner of the year tries to stay humble and instead of focusing on her awards, tries to find a lesson in each of her successes. Weathers has a strong interest in film and uses her personal vlog to help people understand the life of a student athlete.

"Honestly I think I did it to let people know that we enjoy this because I feel like a lot ofo people don't understand runners and think, 'How could you do that? How could you enjoy that?' I wanted to show people you can enjoy it," said Weathers.

Micah is among those making the trip to california this weekend, and it will be her first time on a plane.