Indians pitcher Carrasco being treated for leukemia

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Indians starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco has revealed he is being treated for leukemia.
Carrasco, who was diagnosed in June, told a TV station in the Dominican Republic about his condition while on a visit to a hospital, where he was seeing patients. Carrasco remains positive about his prognosis and believes he will pitch again this season.
The 32-year-old right-hander was feeling lethargic for weeks in May before getting checked. He told CDN that doctors "saw something different in my blood."
The Indians have not commented on Carrasco's diagnosis.
Carrasco has developed into one of the AL's steadiest pitchers in recent years. He won 17 games last season and went 18-6 in 2017, when he finished fourth in the AL Cy Young Award voting.
He has been with Cleveland since 2009. The Indians signed him to a $47 million, four-year contract in December.