Harlem's wrestling program continues to make big strides

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Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018

Harlem, GA--A year ago was a record setting one on the local wrestling front with a handful of guys bringing home state titles. For years, we'd be lucky to have one event contend. But the sport is on the rise with programs getting better and better.

One of them comes from Harlem. The Bulldogs are now in their 4th year of the program and are seeing an uptick, not only in numbers, but quality of wrestlers. The Bulldogs had one in the state tournament a year ago and it's setting the stage for more down the line.

"You know last year we were much more athletic but not disciplined. This year we're not quite as athletic but we're so much more disciplined. You can definitely tell the difference between last year and this year. So far we've beaten all but one, Grovetown, and we're hoping we can get it done this weekend" said Kevin Waters

"We have a lot of good disciplined kids. We're fully committed. We work hard every single day" said Ean Dunkle

It's a young Bulldog team without a single senior. They'll get tested on Friday in the Columbia County duels being held at Grovetown .