Harlem softball enjoying special season

HARLEM, GA -- Harlem softball playing in the state tournament almost feels like a guarantee for the current senior class. They haven't missed the trip in any of their four years. While winning has become the expectation, the Bulldogs still find their success special.

The current seniors won a state championship when they were freshmen and it's been their goal to get back ever since. Now in their final season and rapidly approaching their final games, the senior class is close to accomplishing their goal.

"When I first went I was a freshman and we won it so, gotta go out with a bang. It was really my goal all 4 years, trying to win it. But this year, you know last year so gotta try our hardest to do it," said senior Aliyah Luke.

Harlem head coach Mike Leverett hasn't gotten tired of the success yet either. The Bulldogs have a great mix of senior leadership and young talent, meaning the success his team is having now will likely continue into the future.

"Man it's even better because let me tell you right now. When you get the young kids to come in, you have to get them to buy into what you're doing. And you know you have to get the parents to buy in, too. We're going to go down there and give it our best shot. I think we can win this thing."

The Bulldogs leave Wednesday as the seniors try to accomplish their goal of a second state title.