Harlem prepares for the state quarterfinals

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Harlem, Ga--Back to work on the diamonds tomorrow for Harlem. It's the state quarterfinals as they head to Rockmart. With eight seniors on the team, they were hoping to be at least this far.

And they've delivered. Now, with experience on their side, the chase for an elusive state title is in full swing. Not much bothers these kids as they've been together for quite some time. Its' a brotherhood and it's paying off.

"I got eight seniors that are good kids. I have a whole ball team that really and truly has been a pleasure to coach. And not every year is like that, but this year, they've been a pleasure to coach, they work hard, they are a real tight unit and they play hard" said Jimmie Lewis

"We just have a good bond. Nobody is too rough on each other and we just know how to let things go and move on when someone makes a mistake, and I think that's why we are so good this year" said Mason Spivey

They haven't faced a ton of adversity. Ran through the region schedule undefeated, which is a feat unto itself. But then, lost a game to Vidalia in the last round of states. They rebounded to win the next two and that served as a wake up call this squad may have needed.

"Well it made us realize, kind of checked us a little bit. We were on like a 15 or 16 game winning streak and it kind of put us in our place. Made us realize we need to come together and play a little better, put the ball in play, do what the coaches say" said Mason Spivey

Coach Jimmie Lewis has been doing this a long time and said this is one of those teams that comes along every couple of decades that is something special. They look to continue their run tomorrow on the road.